Jim Jordan Calls for Using Power of Purse to Hold FBI Accountable for Biden Coverup

Rep. Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, said Thursday that the power to spend money should be used to deal with the FBI's refusal to turn over a subpoenaed document about allegations of criminal behavior by then-Vice President Joe Biden, as well as other things that people think the agency has done wrong. Jordan said that the power of the purse is the most important kind of power. During an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, he said, "You're not going to get money for certain things, and you can't use money for certain things. We're going to limit the amount, the total amount, and we may cut how much goes there." (See "Fired Right Away": Ron DeSantis Vows To Get Rid Of The FBI Director And Clean Up The DOJ)

On May 3, Republican Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa and Republican Representative James Comer of Kentucky wrote to the FBI and asked for a document that describes a criminal plan involving a foreign national and Joe Biden, which a whistleblower said was going on. Even though the House Oversight Committee asked the FBI to hand over FD-1023 forms that name Biden in June 2020, the FBI has refused to do so.

When asked what could be cut at the FBI, Jordan said that money for a new building that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars could be cut. Jordan said, "These funds can't be used in any way to punish people who report wrongdoing." He also said, "If you do anything to get Big Tech to censor, you shouldn't be able to use taxpayer money to do it." He also pushed for "riders," or pieces of text that would put limits on how the FBI could spend tax money.

People have said that the FBI has become too political in cases involving pro-life activists and parents who protest at school board meetings. Reports based on papers given to Elon Musk by journalist Matt Taibbi also say that the FBI has been involved in censorship. Reporter Michael Schellenberger said that the FBI paid Twitter almost $3.5 million and talked to it about possible leaks regarding Hunter Biden before the New York Post wrote about the contents of a laptop Biden left at a computer repair shop.

In conclusion, it is important to make sure the FBI is held responsible for what it does. Congress can make sure the FBI stays within its bounds and doesn't waste public money by using its power over the purse strings. The people of the United States should be able to trust their government and the people who work for them.

Written by Staff Reports

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