Stranded Hiker Rescued by Heroic LAFD – Can’t Even Reach His Car Without Help!

The Los Angeles Fire Department swooped in to save the day once again, this time rescuing a stranded hiker from Bell Canyon. It’s a good thing these brave rescuers were available to help out since this hiker reportedly couldn’t even reach his own car without assistance – talk about helpless!

The LAFD reported that the 34-year-old man became stranded in a remote area, but thankfully, the brilliant minds at the LAFD were able to locate him using air assets. An LAFD rescuer was lowered via helicopter to make contact and try to help the hapless hiker, but due to his precarious location, the LAFD Air Ops couldn’t perform a hoist rescue.

Both rescuer and hiker managed to climb to a higher point in the canyon, where they were finally hoisted up to safety and dropped off near the hiker’s car. And just like that, our brave rescuers save the day again.

The good news is that the hiker was unharmed, and we’re sure he was quite relieved to be back in civilization – after all, these isolated hikes can be awfully dangerous, especially without cell phone reception or a rescue beacon. It’s important that hikers take heed of this story and make sure to communicate their whereabouts with someone before venturing out. Otherwise, they might just find themselves in need of a rescue from the LAFD!

Written by Staff Reports

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