Joe Manchin BAFFLED At Biden’s Debt Ceiling Strategy

Joe Manchin, a Democratic senator from West Virginia, said Friday that he couldn't understand why President Joe Biden wouldn't negotiate over the debt ceiling.

"During an interview on CNN's "This Morning," Manchin praised Biden and said that he could work things out with the president if they sat down and talked. However, he noted that he didn't understand why the White House would not negotiate.

After the Treasury Department informed Congress that the country had reached its debt limit, House Republicans demanded that spending cuts be included in any increase in the country's borrowing authority. The White House has responded by accusing the House Republicans of holding the economy hostage.

"During a speech in Virginia, Biden accused the Republican-controlled House of intentionally hurting the American people by threatening to default on the country's debt. He noted that the actions of the House Republicans were aimed at undermining the progress that had been made in the country."

"According to Manchin, the country has the ability to fix its financial problems, but the growth of the debt will make it harder for the government to manage. He noted that the interest rate on the country's debt will eventually increase, which will make it harder for the government to pay its bills."

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Caller.

Written by Staff Reports

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