Joe Rogan Outsmarts Trump’s Power Grip: Hands Bigger Than Expected!

Joe Rogan, the popular podcaster and UFC commentator, recently shared a hilarious tale about bracing for impact before shaking hands with former President Donald Trump. Rogan, armed with his trademark humor and wit, chuckled as he recounted the time he first met the ex-president at UFC 290. He cleverly anticipated Trump’s infamous power grip, making sure to be one step ahead and ready to face the challenge head-on.

With a twinkle in his eye and a grin on his face, Rogan revealed that contrary to popular belief, Trump’s hands were actually quite average in size compared to his own substantial mitts. This revelation set the stage for a moment of comic relief as Rogan detailed his strategic approach to countering Trump’s strong handshake game. His quick thinking and on-your-toes mentality made for a humorous anecdote that left listeners in stitches.

As Rogan delved into a subsequent encounter with the former president at UFC 295, he humorously described the moment Trump got the better of him with a well-timed and firm handshake. The playful banter between Rogan and the Black Keys duo added to the jovial atmosphere, further cementing the image of a lighthearted exchange between individuals from different walks of life.

In a classic Rogan fashion, he addressed the criticism from left-leaning individuals, playfully dismissing their concerns and reminding them to loosen up. His mention of a hypothetical handshake with President Joe Biden added a touch of political humor to the narrative, showcasing his knack for blending comedy with current events in a uniquely entertaining manner.

Rogan’s recounting of his encounters with Trump not only provided a comedic respite but also offered a glimpse into the lighter side of political interactions. With his trademark charm and relatable storytelling, Rogan once again demonstrated his ability to entertain and engage his audience, making light of even the most high-profile encounters with a dash of humor and humility.

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