John Oliver’s Attempted Bribery of Justice Thomas Backfires Big Time!

On the latest episode of the liberal propaganda hour, also known as “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” the host went on a tirade that left many wondering if he had finally lost his last marble. John Oliver, the self-proclaimed voice of the left, decided to take aim at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas with an offer that many on social media deemed criminal.

Oliver, in his infinite wisdom, thought it would be hilarious to offer Justice Thomas a whopping $1 million per year to resign from his position on the Supreme Court. Not only that, but he sweetened the deal by throwing in a $2.4 million luxury motorcoach. How generous of him.

The insults didn’t stop there. Oliver proceeded to mock Justice Thomas, suggesting that he should take a break from “stripping away women’s rights” and spend time among the “regular folk whose lives you’ve made demonstrably worse for decades now.” Classy.

The liberal audience lapped up Oliver’s antics like obedient seals, applauding and cheering as if they were witnessing the second coming. But the response from real Americans was a mixed bag, to say the least. Some social media users were quick to point out the potential illegality of Oliver’s stunt, calling for his arrest and citing federal laws on attempting to bribe a public official.

In response to the outcry, one user highlighted the glaring hypocrisy of the situation, emphasizing the two-tier justice system that often shields left-wing offenders from facing the consequences of their actions. It’s a tale as old as time, isn’t it?

But let’s not forget the underlying issue here — the left’s deep-seated disdain for black conservatives. Justice Thomas, a steadfast defender of the Constitution and a thorn in the side of the liberal establishment, continues to trigger the left with his unwavering commitment to conservative principles. Despite their claims to champion racial equality, the left reveals its true colors when it comes to black conservatives like Justice Thomas, Candace Owens, and Sen. Tim Scott. The leftist vitriol knows no bounds.

Yet, no amount of liberal tantrums or condescending rants from late-night hosts will shake Justice Thomas. He has weathered every slanderous attack and emerged unblemished. The left’s attempts to smear his name or drive him from office have all fallen flat, proving that their empty rhetoric holds no sway over a man of unimpeachable character.

In the end, Justice Thomas remains a stalwart guardian of conservative values, impervious to the flimsy antics of the likes of John Oliver. So, here’s to Justice Thomas, standing strong against the onslaught of liberal pettiness and displaying the grace and fortitude that eludes his detractors.


Written by Staff Reports

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