Josh Hawley Pronounces GOP Is DEAD – ‘bury it. build something new’

The disastrous results of the November elections have called into question the Grand Old Party's ability to govern. It's time to make radical changes within the organization. Among the various excuses offered by both parties, the Stop the Steal line is no longer enough.

After the disastrous results of the November elections, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley declared that the Republican Party is dead. He noted that the party would not regain control of the Senate following the narrow win by Catherine Cortez Masto over Adam Laxalt.

The time has come for the old party to be buried. However, his solution may or may not be right.

According to a report by Breitbart, Senator Josh Hawley stated that he would not support Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for the Senate leadership position in the next Congress.

Although he doesn't think he would run for the leadership position, he noted that the Senate needs new leadership. He said that nobody has indicated that they would like to take over the leadership position.

During his speech, Senator Josh Hawley criticized several of McConnell's decisions during the last two years. Some of these include funding for Ukraine, the Democratic infrastructure bill, and the Republican campaign spending in New Hampshire and Arizona.

He also criticized the way the Republican Party conducted its campaigns during the last two years. He noted that it was not appropriate for the party to go out and attack its own candidates during an election.

Senator Marco Marco Rubio of Florida and other Republican members of the Senate urged the Senate to delay the leadership vote until after the results of the Georgia runoff elections are known. After Castro Masto's win in Nevada, which gave the Democrats control of the Senate, the tie-breaking vote would come from Kamala Harris.

I don't understand why Senate Republicans would want to hold a leadership vote before the election is over. The runoff in Georgia is still going on, and they're saying that doesn't matter? Rep.-elect Herschel Walker should not be disenfranchised.

Although he didn't blame McConnell directly, it's clear that he blames the Senate majority leader for the disastrous results of the November elections. Despite the support that Donald Trump has from the conservative and populist groups, many Republican members of Congress believe it's time for the party to move past him. Besides his own baggage, the constant drama, and the attacks on other Republicans by Trump are also contributing factors to the growing number of people who believe that the party should stop being associated with him.

Several examples of high-profile examples of this are "Young Kin" and "Ron DeSanctimonous." Both of these were Trump's racist slurs against Glenn Younkin, the Republican governor of Virginia.

In Virginia, Younkin would have lost the election without me. I had supported him, organized a massive Trump rally, got the support of the MAGA, and even personally called him to congratulate him.

Trump's attacks on the popular governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, have only gotten worse following his victory over Charlie Crist in the elections. Multiple Trump-backed candidates lost in these elections.

According to Jeff Charles, a reporter for ABC News, a survey conducted by the Ipsos revealed that over 70 percent of Republicans think that DeSantis has a lot of influence over the party's future. On the other hand, 64 percent of the respondents said the same about Trump.

It's astonishing that Trump can't see how he's just been hastening his own downfall by making unforced errors. The Republican internecine war is real, and if he feels threatened or challenged, all bets are off on how he'll respond.

Despite the widespread blame that McConnell and the Republicans have for the elections' failure, loyalists of Trump still believe that the president gives the party the best chance of regaining the White House in 2024. However, as indicated in a poll I referenced, a growing number of Republicans believe it's time to stop supporting Trump and focus on the disastrous policies of the Biden presidency and the country as a whole.

Despite the various arguments being made by both factions, the question of which one is right is still valid. It's not always mutually exclusive.

Despite the various arguments being made by both factions, the question of which one is right is still valid. While some Republicans like Josh Hawley believe that it's time for Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell to step down from their leadership positions, those who believe that Trump gives the party the best chance of winning in 2024 are also correct. The presidential election that year will be the most consequential in decades.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on RedState.

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