Juneteenth Chaos: Dems’ Culture Crisis Spawns Coast-to-Coast Violence

On the day of the anniversary of Juneteenth, people across the United States got together to celebrate. Unfortunately, what should have been a joyful day of festivity turned into a day of terror. In multiple cities across the country, the celebrations quickly descended into violence that resulted in numerous injuries and deaths.

In Milwaukee, a fight broke out between girls, which escalated into a gunshot-adjacent scenario, with six people ranging from 14-19 years old getting shot. What kind of society can our country have when young people resort to violence as a way to solve their problems? It’s a sad reality of the culture that has festered under Democrat leadership.

Meanwhile, Asheville police apprehended a 16-year-old suspect after a shooting that injured two juveniles. What kind of people raise children who are willing to use guns to accomplish their objectives? It’s doubtful that these maladjusted youths had any respect for life or the sanctity of human life.

In San Diego, one person was killed and another seriously injured during a Juneteenth event. It’s truly heartbreaking to see senseless acts of violence like this, and it makes one wonder what happened to basic human civility. If we continue down the road of leftist radicalization, this kind of thing will be the new norm in America.

And finally, in Willowbrook, outside of Chicago, over 20 people were wounded, and one person lost their life during a Juneteenth party. When will we start to get tough on crime in America? It’s time for law and order to be restored in our society, and our politicians need to take action. Enough is enough!

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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