Kamala Gets ROASTED by Border Rancher over her FAILURES!

The southern border is an absolute mess. The policies of Kamala Harris is goign to cost the lives of many people. She is also ruining the futures of many people.

According to Fox News, a rancher from the southern border criticized both President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris for not doing enough to stop the illegal immigration.

The damage caused by migrants through the game fences of Richard Guerra has been costly. However, according to the rancher, the damages have started to decrease due to the migrants entering Eagle Pass.

He had some harsh words for both Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Unfortunately, their words will not be heard by the two politicians.

Illegal immigrants from Mexico who are crossing the border into Texas often cut, bend, and rip parts of Guerra's 8,000-acre ranch, which is located about a mile away from the border. Depending on the damage, the cost of repairing the entire section could be around $10,000.

During an interview on Fox News' The Five in October, Judge Jeanine Pirro criticized the performance of Kamala Harris as the border czar and the vice president. She did not hold back when it came to criticizing the former.

The situation on the southern border has reached a breaking point, and this rancher is fed up with how Harris has failed to address the issue and protect the country's borders. He also criticizes her for causing untold damage due to her mismanagement of the situation.

As the crisis on the southern border worsens, we must pray for the affected individuals, such as this rancher. It is clear that Harris has not taken any serious action to address the issue and protect the country's borders. She is disregarding the laws, futures, and lives of Americans. This is why it is important that the media and the public are informed about the situation.

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