Kanye West Concert CANCELLED For Wearing ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt

Kanye West, multi-platinum record producer and billionaire fashion magnate, says his canceled SoFi Stadium show in Los Angeles was maybe because of my White Lives Matter t-shirt.

West claimed in an Instagram post that he had been informed via text that his November 4 show at the SoFi Stadium had been canceled, and he wondered if the cancellation was related to his White Lives Matter t-shirt.

The person who texted West informed him that the stadium cannot be made available any longer because it is not possible to staff the events on the present notice.

The individual continued by saying, I've already asked repeatedly to check further whether there's anything to make it happen nonetheless, but they got back to me with a solid no.

The woke mob had a collective breakdown when they saw Kanye West during his YZY season 9 presentation in Paris, France, wearing a hoodie with the words "White Lives Matter" printed on the back of it. As a result, West canceled the performance he was scheduled to perform in Paris.

West's response to the criticism was to post on Instagram a picture of a sweatshirt that read "White Lives Matter" along with the caption, Here's my latest comment when people would ask me why I managed to make a tee that says white lives matter… THEY DO. West was referring to the fact that he had previously made a shirt that contained the phrase.

In a recent interview, the rapper stated that he stands by his previous statements, which were given to Tucker Carlson of Fox News. During the course of the interview, Kanye West made a number of statements, including the following: I'm pro-life, I care about the fact that there are more black babies being terminated than born in New York City, and I've always been pro-life.

Even while the reason behind the cancellation of West's event at SoFi remains a mystery, the venue is not the first one to distance themselves from the rapper in the aftermath of his recent comments.

On Friday, the world's largest maker of athletic apparel, Adidas, announced that it was reevaluating its connection with West. However, according to reports, the corporation asserts that the reason for the rapper's departure is that he was unhappy with the way in which his items were marketed by the brand.

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