Kari Lake Exposes 8,000 Botched Ballots, Fights Arizona Election Corruption

Former Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has recently filed an appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court, and boy oh boy, does she have some serious allegations! Lake’s legal team is claiming that a whopping 8,000 unreadable ballots were misconfigured. Can you believe it? That’s like trying to read a chicken scratch!

According to the appeal, Lake’s expert testified that these so-called “misconfigured” ballots could only be the result of malware or remote access. Who would have thought that even the ballots are vulnerable to cyber attacks? It’s like a real-life spy movie, folks. And guess what? The best part is, these ballots were neither duplicated nor counted. So, basically, they were just sitting there, gathering dust, while Arizona’s election results hung in the balance.

But wait, it gets even juicier. Last week, Lake took to Twitter to share the news that her election case was transferred to another appellate court division. And you won’t believe where it landed – Pima County! That’s right, the most Marxist part of the state. Can you imagine the horror? It’s like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank!

Now, according to Just The News, this transfer was apparently due to an Arizona law that allows the Appeals Court to randomly send cases to different divisions to ease their workload. But come on, let’s be real here. We all know that they transferred the case to the most left-leaning county on purpose. It’s a classic liberal move – rigging the system to favor their own agenda.

But fear not, my fellow conservatives. Kari Lake is not backing down. She has vowed to take her election lawsuit all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary. And I don’t know about you, but that kind of determination gives me hope. Our elections need reform, and Lake believes her case is the key to achieving that. She’s got the truth and tons of evidence on her side, even if the judges haven’t ruled in her favor yet. It takes a lot of courage to fight for what’s right, and Lake is showing us exactly that.

And let’s not forget, folks, that Lake isn’t just focused on her election case. Oh no, she’s also considering a run for the U.S. Senate, and rumor has it she’ll be making an announcement in the fall. Talk about being a force to be reckoned with! Lake is determined to make a difference, whether it’s in the courtroom or in the Senate chambers.

All in all, this appeal by Kari Lake is a game-changer. It shines a light on the glaring issues with our election system, from unreadable ballots to suspect signature verification processes. We need more warriors like Lake who are willing to stand up and fight against the injustices that plague our democracy. So let’s rally behind her, my fellow conservatives, and let’s make our voices heard. It’s time for change!

Written by Staff Reports

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