Kennedy Campaign Fires Staffer Over Misleading Video and Anti-Biden Remarks

A former staffer for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign has been let go after a video emerged in which she expressed a desire for President Biden to lose the election. Campaign manager Amaryllis Fox Kennedy stated that Rita Palmer’s contract was terminated as soon as a longer video surfaced, revealing inaccuracies in her job title and description of a conversation that did not occur.

In the video, Ms. Palmer claimed to be the New York State director for the campaign, when in fact she was hired as a ballot access consultant just a few weeks prior and had no involvement in electoral strategy on a national or state level. The video showed Ms. Palmer addressing Republican voters, advocating for their support to get Mr. Kennedy on the presidential ballot in New York. She expressed her opposition to President Biden, stating that ensuring his defeat was her top priority.

Ms. Palmer also discussed the potential impact of Mr. Kennedy’s candidacy on the 2024 election, suggesting that increased support for him could lead to a situation where Congress decides the president if no candidate receives a majority of Electoral College votes. She urged Republicans to support Mr. Kennedy in order to reduce President Biden’s electoral votes and potentially tip the balance in favor of a Republican candidate.

In response to the video, Ms. Kennedy emphasized that it was not recorded at a campaign event and that Ms. Palmer was speaking as a private citizen. She clarified that Ms. Palmer’s statements did not reflect the campaign’s strategy, which aims to win support from former Trump and Biden supporters alike.

Following her dismissal, Ms. Palmer expressed gratitude for her time with the campaign and conveyed no ill will, stating that she looks forward to watching Mr. Kennedy’s political journey unfold in the coming months.

Written by Staff Reports

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