Kennedy Exposes Why Biden’s Mask Sell is Falling Flat for Americans

In an interesting turn of events, President Joe Biden contradicted the White House’s own mask guidance in a recent speech. Despite knowing about First Lady Jill Biden’s COVID-19 diagnosis and acknowledging that he should be wearing a mask, Biden chose not to wear one during his speech. This is the second time in two days that Biden has defied CDC guidelines regarding mask usage. It’s worth noting that Biden has previously emphasized the importance of mask-wearing and vaccination, using the angle of “patriotism” to persuade Americans.

These remarks from Biden come at a time when there’s a renewed focus on mask mandates, particularly in schools. Some schools and school systems are choosing to implement mask mandates as a precautionary measure. Senator John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, expressed concern over the return of mask mandates and raised questions about the credibility of the CDC, Dr. Fauci, and Biden himself. Kennedy criticized the CDC’s handling of public health issues, stating that their actions have undermined the institution’s credibility.

Kennedy also mentioned Dr. Fauci’s contradictory statements about the origin of the virus, pointing out that he had previously denied the possibility of it coming from a Wuhan lab despite funding gain-of-control research there. The senator argued that these incidents have eroded trust in the CDC and its messaging. He suggested that if Biden wants to mandate mask-wearing, he needs to provide a thorough scientific explanation to the American people. However, Kennedy doubted that the public would believe it, citing polls that indicate a lack of trust in Biden’s ability to handle even basic tasks.

As the prospect of mask mandates looms, it’s key to consider the consequences of such actions. The author predicts that if Biden supports these mandates, they will backfire on him in 2024. This is because people have had the chance to compare how different states handled the COVID-19 outbreak. Red states like Florida, which had fewer mandates, saw an influx of residents from blue states like New York. This reflects a dissatisfaction with the dictatorial tendencies of certain Democratic governors. If Biden follows a similar path, he may witness voters abandoning the Democratic party for good.

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