Kerry Blames Russia’s Emissions, Ignores Ukraine Invasion!

Former Secretary of State John Kerry is at it again, folks! This time, he’s pointing his eco-friendly finger at Russia, blaming them for their high carbon emissions. Kerry, who recently served as Joe Biden’s Climate Envoy, seems to think that Russia’s environmental irresponsibility is just as bad as their invasion of Ukraine. What a load of hogwash!

In a press conference, Kerry went on and on about how Russia needs to clean up their act when it comes to climate change. He even suggested that if Russia would just commit to reducing emissions, people might overlook their invasion of a sovereign nation. Seriously, John? Trying to distract us from the real issue at hand with some green agenda? Typical liberal move!

This isn’t the first time Kerry has ranted about Russia’s carbon footprint. Back in 2022, he was already whining about the environmental impact of their invasion. Is this guy for real? People are dying, John, and all you care about is trees and polar bears!

But fear not, fellow patriots, Kerry may have left his Climate Envoy position, but he’s not done pushing his green agenda. He’s now focused on raising money to speed up the switch to renewable energy. And guess who’s taking over as Climate Envoy? None other than John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager. Talk about a revolving door of swamp creatures!

So, let’s not be fooled by Kerry’s environmental mumbo jumbo. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a serious issue that needs to be addressed on its own merits, without getting sidetracked by climate change distractions. Keep fighting the good fight, America, and don’t let the liberals lead us astray with their green fairy tales!

Written by Staff Reports

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