Kevin Sorbo Slams Hollywood Cancel Culture, Bares All in Explosive New Book!

Remember Kevin Sorbo? He was the manly hero in the Hercules TV series and the space captain in Andromeda. Well, he’s still around and working hard, despite being canceled by Hollywood. Why? Because he’s conservative and a Christian, that’s why!

Hollywood can’t handle differing opinions. But Sorbo isn’t bitter, he just thinks it’s ironic that Disney, a company that claims to champion tolerance, is actually losing a billion dollars this year. Maybe they should make movies that appeal to a broader audience instead of picking on a small segment. Sorbo’s latest film is Miracle In East Texas, a faith-based movie with love, laughter, and hope. You know, all the things that Hollywood doesn’t do anymore. Sorbo is hoping people will support independent movies like his so they can continue to be made.

But Sorbo is more than just an actor. He’s also a conservative advocate who believes in waking America up from its slumber. He and his wife are homeschooling advocates because they know that public schools are often evil. During COVID, two million more families started homeschooling after seeing what was happening in the public schools. The government loves fear as a weapon, but people are starting to wake up and say enough is enough. We need to fight back and not be afraid of being canceled. Sorbo is even partnering with Brave Books for their latest publication, The Test of Lionhood, which focuses on teaching boys and young men about manhood.

Strong men and women make strong families, which in turn make a strong country. But Hollywood and the woke Leftists are trying to destroy the family and tear down our young men and women. Sorbo believes that movies, like Sound of Freedom and Miracle In East Texas, that reflect traditional values and faith can forge a new path in Hollywood and help rebuild a stronger nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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