Kimmel Mocks Trump Again, Conservatives Unfazed by Empty Barbs

Oh boy, hold onto your hats, folks, because it looks like Jimmy Kimmel is at it again, taking shots at our beloved former President, Donald Trump. That’s right, the late-night host couldn’t resist the urge to hurl some insults at President Trump after news broke that he’s being sued by ABC News and George Stephanopoulos. Leave it to the liberal media to team up against a true American patriot like Trump.

During his show, Kimmel had the audacity to call President Trump the “great white supremacist” while discussing his civil fraud case and the hefty $350 million in damages he’s been ordered to pay. And if that wasn’t enough, Kimmel even took a jab at Melania Trump, suggesting that she might end up with, as he put it, “half of the nothing he owns now.” Come on, Jimmy, leave Melania out of it!

Now, it’s no surprise that Kimmel, like all the other left-leaning talking heads, is reveling in Trump’s legal woes. They just can’t stand to see a strong, successful conservative leader like him getting ahead. And to top it off, Kimmel had the nerve to suggest that Trump might start cozying up to Vladimir Putin to cover his debts. Give us a break, Jimmy, we all know Trump is a true red, white, and blue American through and through.

But despite all the liberal gloating, Judge Arthur Engoron’s order for Trump to pay up that bond before he can appeal his case isn’t going to break our President. And Melania? She’s a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need Kimmel’s sympathy.

And let’s not forget, Kimmel’s show might be on its way out, anyway. Rumor has it that it’s possibly on its final contract with ABC. It’s no wonder Kimmel is resorting to low blows and cheap shots to try to stay relevant. Well, sorry Jimmy, but no amount of Trump bashing can save a sinking ship. Keep dreaming if you think you can take down a powerhouse like Trump with your petty insults and liberal propaganda. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Kimmel!

Written by Staff Reports

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