Kinzinger’s Cringe Ads Flop: Desperation to Dethrone Trump Backfires!

In a desperate attempt to remain relevant in the GOP primaries, Adam Kinzinger has released a series of cringe-worthy ads begging people in New Hampshire to defeat the “orange” man himself, Donald Trump. It’s truly a spectacle to behold. I mean, who knew Kinzinger had such a talent for embarrassing himself on camera?

In one of his ads, Kinzinger stands in front of a filter that’s supposed to resemble New Hampshire, and with all the enthusiasm of a wet blanket, implores voters to make history by turning Trump’s orange face red. Oh, how original. It’s almost as if he’s trying to be a stand-up comedian, except the only punchline is his own political career.

But it gets even better. Kinzinger asks, “Is there anything that will make you smile bigger than sending Trump to defeat?” Ugh, talk about cringeworthy. It’s obvious that he’s more focused on himself and his own desire to beat Trump than actually serving the American people. Typical politician, am I right?

In another ad, Kinzinger goes so far as to claim that “MAGA” is attempting to take away people’s votes. Really? Last time I checked, it was the Democrats who were constantly trying to undermine our democratic process. But of course, Kinzinger is all too eager to jump on that bandwagon if it means a chance to stick it to Trump.

And let’s not forget about his insult to Iowa voters. I guess he thought demeaning an entire state would somehow win him points against Trump. Well, I hate to break it to him, but insulting voters is never a winning strategy. Maybe he should take a lesson or two in politics before embarrassing himself any further.

Now, it’s no surprise that these pathetic attempts from Kinzinger are likely to backfire. I mean, who in their right mind would want his endorsement? It’s like trying to sell a used car only to find out the previous owner was a reckless driver who crashed it multiple times. Kinzinger’s endorsement is the kiss of death for any Republican candidate.

So, as we eagerly await the tears and tantrums from Kinzinger when Nikki Haley inevitably drops out and endorses Trump, let’s remember one thing: the only thing he’s accomplishing with these ads is solidifying his place as a punchline in GOP politics. Keep up the good work, Kinzinger. You’re really making a difference.

Written by Staff Reports

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