Klain Dodges Blame, Spins Biden Disasters on Trump’s Watch!

On Wednesday, former Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain made an appearance on the liberal bubble that is MSNBC’s “All In” to share his views on the current state of the country. In true liberal fashion, Klain wasted no time in blaming President Joe Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, for the challenges facing the Biden administration.

Klain whined about the high prices of goods, especially gas, and claimed that people are feeling the pinch. It’s as if he forgot that prices were already high during the Biden-Obama years. Maybe his memory is lacking, but conservatives haven’t forgotten the pain at the pump under those two. The nerve of Klain to suggest that Biden needs to “make more progress” on lowering prices when it was their policies that led to inflation in the first place! Come on, Klain, take some responsibility for the mess your pal Biden is creating.

And then there’s the border crisis. Klain had the audacity to blame Trump for the chaos at the border when it’s clear that Biden’s weakness on immigration policy is what’s driving the surge in illegal immigration. It’s ironic to see the same people who criticized Trump’s tough border policies now scrambling to clean up the mess that they created.

Klain also babbled about Biden’s supposed achievements, but let’s be real – the only thing Biden has achieved is a laundry list of disastrous policies and executive orders. The disconnect between economic data and Biden’s approval ratings isn’t due to people’s “kitchen table and their family budget” as Klain suggests. It’s because Americans are waking up to the fact that Biden’s administration is taking our country down a dangerous path.

It’s clear that Klain and the Biden camp are desperate to distract from their failures. But no amount of spin can change the reality that Biden’s presidency has been a disaster so far. The only progress Biden needs to make is towards the exit, not a second term.

Written by Staff Reports

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