Lara Trump Claims Trial Threatens US Democracy, Blasts Media Bias

Lara Trump, a co-chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, appeared on Fox News to discuss the trial of former President Donald Trump. She criticized the media’s coverage of the trial, calling it a circus and skewering left-wing media for their obsession with Donald Trump. She emphasized that it’s not Donald Trump who is truly on trial but the implications for the country’s democracy.

Lara expressed concern that the trial represents a distortion of the American justice system, comparing it to the Communist Party-controlled systems of the old Soviet Union. She warned that if the law can be manipulated for political convenience, it will irreparably damage the fabric of the country. She and others believe that the persecution being engineered against Trump is for political purposes and would set a dangerous precedent if allowed to stand.

The co-chairwoman also highlighted the significance of the trial, pointing out that it’s not just about Trump but about the American system as it has stood for almost two-and-a-half centuries. She encouraged conservatives and Republicans to make sure the rest of the country understands the gravity of the situation.

Additionally, Lara mentioned the amount of donations Trump’s presidential campaign received on the day he became the first former president to enter a courtroom as a criminal defendant. She emphasized that the average donation amount was $28, suggesting that the support is coming from people who may not have much to spare.

The Western Journal, where this information was reported, urged its readers to support them and fight against those who want to shut them down and suppress America. They rely on the support of their readers to continue their fight.

It is important that Americans understand the far-reaching implications of the Trump trial and not trivialize it as being purely about one man, as Lara Trump emphasized.

Written by Staff Reports

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