Lara Trump Claims Trial Timing Aims to Thwart Trump Campaign, Spurs Fundraising Surge

The co-chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, Lara Trump, suggested that the timing of Donald Trump’s trial is a deliberate attempt by Democrats to hinder his campaign efforts. She believes that Democrats are hopeful that keeping Trump tied up in a courtroom will benefit Joe Biden’s campaign. Lara Trump highlighted the significant increase in fundraising for the Republican Party coinciding with the start of Trump’s trial. The campaign raised a total of $1.5 million after the first day of the trial, marking a substantial bump in fundraising. According to Lara Trump, the average donation was less than $30, indicating widespread support for Donald Trump and a deep understanding of the challenges he is facing. 


The Republican National Committee and Trump campaign have experienced a surge in donations, surpassing expectations by raising $76 million in April. Lara Trump emphasized the significance of the small average donation, suggesting that it reflects the public’s awareness of the situation and their willingness to fight back against what she referred to as “lawfare” aimed at interfering in the election. Meanwhile, there has been no release of fundraising data from the Biden campaign for April.

These fundraising successes come following the RNC and Trump’s impressive $65.6 million raised in March, as well as a record-breaking $50.5 million raised from a single fundraiser earlier in the year. The ongoing increase in donations is described as a sign of narrowing the financial gap between the two presumptive nominees.

Written by Staff Reports

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