Latinos Shift Trust from Biden to Trump on Immigration in Battleground States

The liberal narrative is unraveling faster than a cheap sweater in a windstorm. Democrats have enjoyed a longstanding assumption that their immigration policies appeal to Latino voters, but recent data suggests otherwise. Equis, a research firm dedicated to Latino interests, has revealed a startling shift: more Latinos in crucial battleground states are starting to trust Republicans and former President Donald Trump over President Joe Biden and his Democratic entourage when it comes to handling immigration issues.

In states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, 41% of Latinos have more confidence in Trump’s approach to the border, compared to only 38% who trust Biden and the Democrats. This isn’t just an outlier—it mirrors the sentiments of non-Hispanic Americans, with 49% putting their faith in the GOP and just 34% in the Democrats. So much for the monolithic “Latino vote.”

The data doesn’t stop there. Among registered Latinos in these critical states, a staggering 72% are somewhat or very concerned about Biden and his party breaking their promises on immigration policy. On the flip side, 64% are worried about Trump and the GOP’s so-called “extreme measures” at the border. In other words, despite mainstream media’s fearmongering, Latinos aren’t buying into the Biden administration’s fairy tales.

The migrant surge at the Mexico border is a glaring issue that Democrats can’t seem to manage, and Latinos are taking note. According to a Pew Research poll, 74% of Latinos disapprove of how the U.S. government is handling the migrant crisis. One has to ask, how many more caravans have to roll in before the Democrats admit their policies are a colossal failure?

However, the data offers a bitter pill to swallow for Democrats who cling to the belief that they’ve got Latino voters on lock. Sure, Biden still has an edge over Trump in a direct matchup among swing-state Latinos with a 59% to 39% lead. Sprinkle in a third-party candidate like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Biden’s lead drops to 47%, while Trump falls to 34%. It seems like even a whiff of an alternative, and Biden’s so-called advantage starts evaporating quicker than a puddle in the Arizona sun.

The bottom line is that the Democrats’ immigration narrative is losing its grip among Latino voters in battleground states. Shocker? Not so much. Expect more of this as the reality of failed policies becomes clearer and Latinos gravitate toward practical solutions over hollow promises.

Written by Staff Reports

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