Lawsuit Against Illinois’ Ban on Certain Firearms

Thomas De Vore, a former candidate for attorney general of Illinois, filed a lawsuit against JB Pritzker, the governor of Illinois, after he signed an assault weapons ban.

In response to the shooting, Governor JB Pritzker signed a bill that banned the sale and transfer of assault weapons in Illinois.

I'm tired of living under a world where mass shootings require a title.

Many people, including De Vore, thought that the law was unconstitutional. It was also a political act that was made by the governor, who is reportedly considering running for president in 2024.

According to De Vore, the "tyrannical" measures taken by the governor were the reason he decided to sue the state. He filed the suit on behalf of 866 individuals, which included over 800 gun owners.

According to the lawsuit, the Protect the Illinois Communities Act is unconstitutional. It also violates the state's Equal Protection clause.

In a statement, De Vore said that the people of Illinois have no choice but to act in response to the actions of the state's bureaucrats.

In his statement, De Vore criticized the inaction of the citizens of Illinois. He said that the state's bureaucrats were destroying the foundation of the country's great Republic.

According to De Vore, the law was signed to allow certain groups to avoid having to abide by the ban. For instance, prison guards are allowed to buy and maintain the banned items without facing any legal repercussions.

A judge in Effingham County granted De Vore a restraining order against the state, which prevents the governor and anyone else from enforcing the ban on the 866 individuals who are involved in the lawsuit.

Several sheriffs in Illinois stated that they would not enforce the new law, which was signed by the governor. Attorneys in the state also stated that they would not prosecute individuals for violating the ban.

In an interview with One America's Addison Smith, De Vore and Ryan Cunningham, his campaign manager, discussed the various arguments that they made in support of the lawsuit.

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