Lebron James Said He’s No Longer a Dallas Cowboy Fan Over THIS…

NBA star LeBron James said Thursday that he was no longer a fan of the Dallas Cowboys due to their national anthem kneeling policy.

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, gave his players an ultimatum in 2017 after the kneeling controversy erupted. Many of them sat or stood during the national anthem. Tensions grew in 2020 after several professional athletes, including LeBron James, kneeled during the playing of the anthem to protest racial inequality.

James made his feelings about the Cowboys known during an Instagram Live video, where he talked about his negative feelings toward the organization. He also declared that he was no longer a Dallas Cowboys fan due to their stance on the national anthem.

During his Instagram Live video, James said that the Cowboys' policy was very inappropriate, as the players had the right to free speech, but they also wanted to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner.

He added that the team's front office and management had told the players that they would not be allowed to play for the organization again if they continued to do this.

Before the national anthem was played in 2017, the Cowboys and Jones knelt in a show of unity. However, the owner refused to allow his players to kneel during the performance of the song.

Jones stated that there would be no room in the organization if the players looked like they were disrespecting the flag. He also said that the team would not be able to maintain its unity if the players were not respecting the flag.

When asked about his feelings about the Cowboys, James stated that he still supported the team's players, such as former Dallas Cowboys players such as Ezekiel Elliott and CeeDee Lamb. However, he added that he was still a big Browns fan.

The Los Angeles Lakers started the season with their worst record in franchise history. Maybe James is too distracted worrying about disrespecting the flag and not playing the game he's paid millions for.

Instead of worrying about the team's performance, which didn't make the playoffs last season, James is talking about the 2017 incident involving the Cowboys. Get over it dude!


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