Trump ROASTS Biden After Absolutely Nuking a Golf Ball…

During a campaign event, Former President Donald Trump criticized Joe Biden’s ability to perform as the president. He did this by cracking a joke about the President’s inability to speak. Trump is known for his ability to make wisecracks at the right time, and his attacks on Biden are no surprise.

Trump took a swing at Biden during a golf tournament in Doral, Florida. He made a few “good ball” lines while doing so. The former president was referring to his successor as he played at the event organized by the LIV golf club.

Biden delivered a speech at the Phoenix Awards dinner in Washington, DC, on Saturday. He was joined by Dr. Jill Biden and Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff. His speech was full of lies and he made several mistakes. One of his claims was that his Green New Deal was “repackaged” as the “Inflation Reduction Act.” He said that this was the most aggressive action to address climate change in history.

Even though his speech writers are expecting him to deliver lines that will sound incredibly impressive, Biden still struggles to get through them. In stark contrast, Trump can go on a campaign stage in 100-degree heat and deliver an absolute gold. There is no comparison between the two men’s mental capacities.

This is not so funny, as Biden is the leader of the country, and his failure to deliver effective leadership has shown how disadvantaged we are. Every day, the country slides into a recession due to how poorly we are able to lead. We need help now.

Written by Staff Reports

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