Leftist Group Uses Fake News Site to Influence Election

It was only a matter of time before a leftist group attempted to use a fake news site to manipulate an election outcome. Dark money groups and political operatives bankrolling ads and conducting opposition research are nothing new. Both sides have been guilty of using such tactics. However, what is truly appalling is when an activist group disguises itself as a legitimate news outlet to deceive the public in a crucial election.

In Wisconsin, a Democrat-affiliated dark money group called American Independent Media (AIM) has gone to great lengths to attack a conservative candidate in the state’s Supreme Court race. AIM bought at least $90,000 in Facebook ads promoting two articles that criticized former State Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly on The Wisconsin Independent, a media website labeled as AIM’s “project.” The upcoming election is officially nonpartisan, yet the Democrats are doing everything in their power to influence the outcome.

AIM does not appear to have a website of its own, but it has used “project” sites similar to The Wisconsin Independent in many states. The group paid more than $300,000 combined for ads promoting content from sites like The Arizona Independent, The Georgia Independent, and The Pennsylvania Independent across Facebook and Instagram.

One is forced to wonder precisely what AIM believes it will achieve with these tactics. The group’s trademark is owned by True Blue Media, a company founded by progressive hack David Brock that publishes the so-called “progressive news” website The American Independent. It’s no surprise that a left-leaning group like AIM is engaged in this type of activity, but it doesn’t make it any less underhanded.

The media has become increasingly biased over the last several decades, with outlets like The New York Times and The Nation operating as propaganda machines for the Democrats. The situation has become so severe that even the UK’s Guardian newspaper is now widely acknowledged to be a leftist mouthpiece. At least these publications are honest about their political agenda, unlike AIM, which has masqueraded as a legitimate news organization.

In the end, it all comes down to two sets of rules. Democrats will scream about the threat to democracy posed by “dark money” groups bankrolling opposition research, ads, and other partisan activities when it suits their purposes. When it comes to their own dirty tricks, however, they suddenly forget their principles. The same can’t be said for Republicans, who believe in playing by the rules and winning fair and square. Let’s hope the voters of Wisconsin see through this charade and make the right choice for their state Supreme Court.

Written by Staff Reports

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