Leftists Exploit SCOTUS Case to Jeopardize Christian Service: Our Full Backing!

In a shocking turn of events, the US Supreme Court has actually made two decisions that don’t completely throw the Constitution out the window. I know, it’s hard to believe. In the first case, the Court ruled that discriminating against people based on their race is unconstitutional. Can you imagine that? Treating everyone equally regardless of their skin color? It’s like the left forgot that “all men are created equal” is actually in the Constitution.

In the second case, the Court ruled that a private web design company does not have to promote gay weddings if it goes against their religious beliefs. Finally, some common sense prevails. Just because the government says you have to support something doesn’t mean you actually have to. I mean, can you imagine if they tried to force us to support something we disagree with? Oh wait, they already did that with Obamacare.

Of course, the left has responded to these rulings with their usual lies and outrage. Justice Jackson claimed that having a Black doctor is like a miracle drug for Black newborns. Um, last time I checked, doctors don’t have magical powers. It’s called medical science and proper healthcare. But of course, the left will never let facts get in the way of their narrative.

And then we have Justice Sotomayor spewing her nonsense about Matthew Shepard being killed because he was gay. Sorry, but the facts don’t support that. Shepard was involved in drugs and prostitution and had a sexual relationship with one of his killers. But of course, Sotomayor conveniently leaves out those details because it doesn’t fit her agenda.

Now, let’s address the criticisms of the second case, 303 Creative vs. Elenis. Some people are claiming that the case was hypothetical because the web design company sued for an injunction before they could be fined. Well, newsflash, the Supreme Court doesn’t take hypothetical cases. If they took the case, it’s because it was a real issue that needed to be addressed.

Others are saying that Justice Sotomayor turned a simple case about the government’s ability to make citizens hold a certain viewpoint into one about public accommodations. But as Justice Gorsuch pointed out, the case had nothing to do with public accommodations. The web designer had no problem serving gay clients, she just didn’t want to promote something she disagreed with. And guess what? She shouldn’t have to.

As a conservative, I believe in liberty and free association. If I don’t want to serve someone because they gross me out, I should have that right. And if you don’t want me in your business, I won’t go there. It’s as simple as that. The left loves to talk about inclusivity and diversity, but they only mean it as long as you agree with them. Well, I’d much rather support businesses that adhere to traditional values and keep my money with like-minded Americans.

So, go ahead progressives, refuse service to Christians all you want. I’ll just take my business elsewhere, to businesses run by normal people who aren’t controlled by their crotch twitches. I mean, who wants to support values and beliefs that we find abhorrent anyway? Not me.

Written by Staff Reports

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