Exposed: CCP Defector Dong Jingwei Spills Secrets, Shocking Revelations Unfolding in America!

Two years have passed since the historic report about CCP counterintelligence official Dong Jingwei defecting to the United States was made public. And what's this? He remains here! Terabytes of evidence, which Dong brought with him when he landed in the US, showed that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was created by humans and leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In addition to this shocking discovery, the data also provided proof that the People's Liberation Army was in charge of the Wuhan bioweapons program. You would have thought that this revelation would have shocked the mainstream media, but they instead chose to conveniently overlook it. But immediately after the story was released, RedState came under a DDOS attack as a result of their brave reporting on the subject. Coincidence? My fellow conservatives, you decide!

RedState published a number of eye-opening pieces in the weeks that followed the first story, outlining the data and proof provided by Dong and the ongoing confirmation procedure. Beijing, of course, denied that he had defected, but who are we kidding? The reality is something we are aware of. What has transpired since then? Silence. People were speculating about Dong's whereabouts due to the media blackout over him. But don't worry, conservatives! RedState is coming to break the quiet and declare that since his defection, Dong has been protected by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Let's hear a "Hallelujah!"

Dong has been voluntarily taking part in debriefing meetings since his arrival in the US, and he will keep doing so, according to a person familiar with the probe. Due to the high position Dong had inside the Chinese Communist Party, the volume of material he supplied, and the need for rigorous confirmation without jeopardizing national security, this debriefing procedure may take years to complete. Do not worry, though, my dear conservatives—the results of these debriefing sessions are already in! You inquire what fruit. Let RedState enlighten you, then.

Let's address the issue that the FBI and CIA have refused to acknowledge: Dong's defection. These organizations were purposefully kept in the dark regarding Dong's cooperation with the DIA, as RedState reported back in June 2021. Why, you inquire? Evidently, a lot of people in the intelligence establishment were dubious and opposed to verifying Dong's claims. But hey, when you have RedState on the case, do you really need the FBI or CIA? We don't hesitate to expose the truth, even if doing so means going against the grain of society.

Let's now explore the interesting information Dong brought with him. Along with the SARS-CoV-2 bombshell, Dong also supplied information on a wide range of subjects, much of which has since been verified by further sources. Early pathogenic tests of the virus, forecasts of COVID-19's spread and harm to the US and the rest of the world, financial records exposing who provided funding for the study of SARS-CoV-2, and even the names of US residents and Chinese spies operating in the US are all discussed here. Oh, and did we also include the specifics of the encounters between Chinese agents and US government officials? Conservatives, it's like a spy fiction come to life!

Due to Dong's high status and his considerable knowledge of the Chinese Communist Party's military bioweapons projects, his defection was a serious blow to the CCP. Scientists, such as Dr. Steven Quay and Professor Richard Muller, who published their findings in the Wall Street Journal, have now verified the data he gave. They came to the conclusion that the SARS-CoV-2 virus's inclusion of specific genomic sequences clearly suggested laboratory development and gene splicing. Simply said, this virus was created in a lab, people! However, the major media keeps downplaying these discoveries. Wow, what a surprise.

We must be watchful as the investigation into Dong's discoveries progresses. According to reports, Qin Gang, the newly appointed Chinese ambassador to the US, was dispatched to put an end to any inquiries into Dong's claims. But fear not, conservatives, for it appears that Beijing was outwitted by the unusual participants in Dong's debriefing. The triumph of truth!

Dong Jingwei's presence in the US is no longer a secret, to sum up. He keeps working with the DIA to expose the dubious practices of the Chinese Communist Party. The liberal slant of the mainstream media may attempt to conceal this news, but RedState will cast a strong conservative light on the facts. People should pay attention since there is still a lot to come in this developing saga. Grab some popcorn and let's watch the show!

Source: RedState

Written by Staff Reports

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