Leaked Trump Audio Debunked: Iran Memo Absent in FBI Raid

An audio tape that surfaced this week gave the federal case against former President Donald Trump another turn. The recording was leaked by a representative of Special Counsel Jack Smith's office, who claimed that it showed Trump discussing secret information. A recent story, however, raises the possibility that the disputed document was not taken during the FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate.\

Trump can be heard rustling papers and accusing Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, of devising a plot to invade Iran in the tape, which CNN received. Although Trump underlines that the information is highly sensitive and secret, he also makes it clear that he is no longer in a position to declassify it. Trump, a consummate performer, thinks it's "so cool."

Trump, though, downplayed the importance of the papers in a Fox News interview, saying they were basically newspaper articles, magazine articles, and other common reading materials. He adamantly denied having any specific documents about Iran or any other subject in his possession.

Trump maintained his stance in a subsequent interview with ABC News, saying that he had a ton of paperwork on his desk but no genuine documents. He explained that he was holding up a "whole pile" of papers, underlining that they had nothing to do with the Iran conversation.

Interestingly, a new CBS News report appears to back up Trump's assertions. According to a source who spoke to CBS News, the 31 counts of deliberate retention of national defense information in the indictment against Trump do not include the Defense Department's Iran memo. The source added that Trump was not accused of illegally keeping the Iran-related document that was the subject of the audio recording.

Furthermore, it's still unknown if the Iran memo was even uncovered during the search of Trump's home. This information raises concerns about the release's motivations and further calls into question the veracity of the audio that was leaked.

Nevertheless, Trump's detractors on the left swiftly discounted his justification because they didn't think he could be blameless. To maintain the narrative that Trump poses a threat to national security, they keep grasping at thin air.

It is important to note that this most recent revelation refutes their arguments and emphasizes the former president's ongoing federal prosecution's unequal treatment and political motivations. The left seems to be willing to do anything it takes to discredit and undermine a conservative leader who presented a serious threat to their liberal agenda.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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