Left’s Shocking Distortion on Nebraska Mom’s Late-Term Abortion Revealed!

In a truly heartbreaking story, a Nebraska mother, Celeste Burgess, and her mother, Jessica Burgess, shocked the nation when they made the decision to abort Burgess’ 30-week-old baby. At this stage of pregnancy, the baby is fully formed, with a beating heart and functioning organs. It is undeniably viable outside the womb.

However, the Burgess women decided that they simply didn’t want the baby anymore. Jessica, 41, took matters into her own hands and purchased illegal abortion pills online, which are only approved for use up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. Tragically, the baby died in the womb and was stillborn in the shower. It’s difficult to comprehend the callousness and disregard for human life that led to this horrifying outcome.

But perhaps what is even more shocking is the Burgesses’ plan for dealing with the body. They enlisted the help of a 22-year-old man named Tanner Barnhill, and like characters from a crime novel, they decided to burn the baby’s remains and bury them in their own backyard. It was this conversation, detailed in Facebook messages, that ultimately led to their arrest.

This despicable disregard for life and attempt to cover up their actions should be condemned by all. Jessica Burgess, rightfully so, is facing serious felony charges, including the illegal abortion itself, providing false statements to the police, and illegally disposing of human remains. She could potentially be sentenced to five years in prison when she faces the court in September.

Celeste, unbelievably, only pled guilty to disposing of her baby’s remains and was given a paltry three-month jail sentence. This is hardly fitting punishment for someone who participated in the killing of their own child and then went on to burn and bury the remains. It’s a travesty of justice and the sanctity of life.

Predictably, the left has seized upon this tragic story to push their abortion agenda. They’ve taken the facts and turned them on their heads, claiming that women like Celeste and her mother will be sent to prison for simply exercising their right to choose. This is a blatant lie. Illegal, late-term abortions such as this are rightly condemned, and the Burgess women should be held accountable for their actions.

It’s deeply disheartening to witness the sheer number of people who have fallen for this false narrative, proclaiming Celeste and Jessica as victims rather than acknowledging the true victim: the innocent child whose life was taken away. We must reject this warped perspective and instead focus on the horrific reality of what happened here.

It’s time for society to recognize and protect the rights of unborn babies and ensure that those who commit such heinous acts face the consequences they deserve. The lives of innocent children should never be discarded and disposed of like trash, as the Burgess women callously did. Let this be a wake-up call to the nation and a reminder of the value of every single human life.

Written by Staff Reports

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