Legal Whiz Turley Flames FBI for Shielding Bidens: The Scandal Deepens!

Jonathan Turley, a conservative legal expert, takes the FBI to task in this episode of The Biden Family Business for their protection of the Bidens. It all began when Senator Chuck Grassley published a document in which he claimed Joe Biden had participated in an illegal bribery plot. James Comer, the chair of the House Oversight Committee, also asserted to possess proof that Biden had been providing access to our adversaries for decades. Currently, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is even considering an investigation into possible impeachment. Where does the FBI fit into this situation, then? Turley said it appears that the FBI is the place where evidence perishes.

The fact that both FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland declined requests for comment on this topic is highly suspicious. While working on the criminal case against Hunter Biden, Turley appeared on Fox News and responded to an IRS whistleblower who claimed he hadn't seen the document outlining suspicions of a bribery scheme. Additionally, the whistleblower claimed that they were forbidden from receiving a debriefing on information obtained from the FBI, which is suspicious. Turley's judgment? Evidence that bears the name "Biden" perishes quickly at the FBI.

But let's try not to be too shocked by it all. Joe Biden and his drug-addicted kid are a far cry from Richard Nixon and the Watergate Plumbers. All hell would break loose if Donald Trump and one of his kids were facing even a small portion of the accusations leveled against the Bidens. However, "the big guy" is still being defended by the left-wing media, and Hunter Biden is allowed to live it up in the White House carefree. What a case of using two standards. If you can obtain it, I suppose it's a nice job.

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