Let Rashida Tlaib Speak: Exposing Her Agenda Will Defeat Her

RedState writer, Duke, is embracing the freedom of speech granted by the First Amendment in his latest article, “Let Rashida Tlaib Speak All She Wants With No Censure or Expulsion.” Duke starts off by highlighting the significance of the First Amendment, noting that it protects the right to express even the most “ignorant and repulsive” ideas. He playfully connects the First and Second Amendments, joking that the Founding Fathers knew the importance of both speech and the ability to defend it.

Duke then delves into the controversial statements made by Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, whom he describes as someone who consistently spews hateful rhetoric. He doesn’t hesitate to challenge Tlaib’s stance on Israel, referring to her as the leader of the House’s “Hamas Caucus.” Duke criticizes her for blaming Israel and even threatening Joe Biden in a recent speech.

He goes on to highlight the consequence Tlaib faced when a Palestinian conference she was set to speak at got canceled due to security concerns. The Hilton Hotel, where the event was planned, issued a statement explaining their decision, prioritizing the safety of their team members and guests.

Despite Tlaib’s controversial remarks, Duke argues against censoring or banning her. He defends the importance of free speech, suggesting that instead of silencing her, opponents should focus on engaging with voters and presenting alternative viewpoints. Duke concludes with a strong affirmation of the First Amendment, stating that even repugnant ideas should be allowed to be expressed as a testament to American values.

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