Levin Exposes Crap Indictment: Media & Pence Try to Crush Trump, Fail Miserably!

The Fake News Media is at it again, trying to take down our beloved former President Donald Trump with another baseless indictment. But fear not, patriots, because conservative radio host Mark Levin is here to set the record straight. In a fiery appearance on Fox News, Levin tore apart the recent indictment, calling it nothing but “crap.” And he’s not wrong!

Levin didn’t hold back when it came to former Vice President Mike Pence either. According to Levin, Pence is nothing more than a “weasel” who did everything he could to avoid testifying in this case. It’s no surprise to see a former Trump ally like Pence flip completely and start spouting nonsense about stopping a constitutional crisis. Talk about drama queen behavior!

But let’s not forget the bigger picture here. Levin pointed out that there have been many more controversial elections in American history, so why all the fuss about 2020? It’s clear that this indictment is setting a dangerous precedent for future elections. What are the rules now? Who gets to decide how elections are run and disputed? And can a president not even discuss election results without being indicted? It’s absurd!

Levin didn’t stop there. He went on to expose the real agenda behind these indictments. He argued that every single indictment has been appointed by the Biden administration, proving that this is nothing more than a political witch hunt. The special counsel overseeing the cases has even been criticized by President Trump for bringing “political hit jobs” against his opponents. It’s all a part of their plan to silence any dissent and spend millions of taxpayer dollars on their personal vendettas.

Despite these baseless indictments, President Trump’s legal troubles have only strengthened his support among Republican voters. Even his former presidential campaign rivals are coming to his defense as his lead for the GOP nomination grows. The American people see through the lies and manipulation of the liberal media and are standing strong with their beloved leader.

So, dear conservatives, don’t be swayed by the fake news. Stay united, support our great president, and let’s continue to fight against these unfounded indictments and the corruption plaguing our country. Together, we will make America great again!

Written by Staff Reports

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