Lib Media Fooled: Lia Thomas Stays, No “Tolerant” Exodus

Once again, the liberal media has been caught spreading false information! In an attempt to push their radical agenda, they are now claiming that transgender swimmer Lia Thomas is leaving the United States for a so-called “more tolerant country.” Well, hold on to your MAGA hats, folks, because this claim is as false as a politician’s promise.

It all started with a post on social media, shared by a bunch of keyboard warriors who apparently have nothing better to do than spread fake news. The post claimed that Lia Thomas, a former NCAA swimmer, had decided to abandon our great nation due to rampant hostility. But guess what? This claim couldn’t be further from the truth.

As it turns out, the source of this ridiculous story is a website called the Lich News. Now, don’t be fooled by its fancy name, because it’s really just another hub for parody, satire, and general tomfoolery. I mean, come on, they even have a disclaimer that states they’re all about making stuff up! But of course, the liberal media conveniently ignored this fact and decided to run with the story anyway.

The truth is, Lia Thomas has never expressed any intention of leaving the United States. She has been a trailblazer in the world of sports, breaking barriers and showing us all what true athleticism looks like. But leave it to the liberal media to twist the facts and create a narrative that fits their agenda.

It’s no surprise that the left is desperate to silence anyone who dares to question their radical ideology. They can’t stand the fact that athletes like Lia Thomas are proving that biology matters, and that male-bodied individuals should not be competing in women’s sports. So instead of having an honest debate about the issue, they resort to spreading lies and misinformation.


So, the next time you come across a sensational headline or a viral post claiming that someone is leaving the country, do yourself a favor and dig a little deeper. Don’t fall for their lies. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and most importantly, stay conservative. It’s the only way we can protect our great nation from the liberal onslaught.

Written by Staff Reports

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