Liberal Analyst Slams DeSantis on Jacksonville Shooting: A New Low for MSNBC?

In a recent appearance on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” contributor Trymaine Lee made a fool of himself by criticizing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for referring to the Jacksonville shooter as a “scumbag.” Can you believe it, dear reader? Lee took issue with DeSantis using language that places the responsibility on the individual rather than blaming the entire nation for racism and violence. How absurd!

But Lee wasn’t the only one making foolhardy remarks. Jacksonville pastor Jeffrey Rumlin chimed in, saying that the shooter was not a scumbag but a racist. Wow, talk about splitting hairs. It seems the leftists are more interested in exploiting this tragedy to blame DeSantis than actually addressing the issue at hand.

Ironically, DeSantis did acknowledge the racial motivation behind the attack, but that didn’t stop these critics from trying to paint him as insensitive. It’s clear that what they really wanted was for DeSantis to join Vice President Kamala Harris in perpetuating the false narrative that white supremacist terrorism is a constant threat against black Americans. But DeSantis had the audacity to call out the shooter for what he was: a scumbag who targeted innocent people based on their race. How dare he!

Instead of nitpicking DeSantis’ choice of words, maybe the left should focus on finding real solutions to prevent these kinds of racially motivated attacks. But that would require them to actually care about the victims and the safety of our communities, rather than scoring cheap political points. Unfortunately, that seems to be too much to ask from the woke crowd.

Written by Staff Reports

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