Liberal Billionaire George Soros Accused of Trying to Silence Conservative Hispanic Voices in Takeover

Two former hosts of Hispanic radio stations that were acquired by George Soros claimed that the takeover would lead to the censorship of Hispanic conservative voices.

In June, the Latino Media Network, which is funded by George Soros, purchased the radio stations from Televisa Univision for an estimated price of $60 million. The deal was approved by the FCC in November. The acquisition has stirred up controversy within Hispanic communities as they have remained steadfast in their opposition to communism despite the events in Cuba.

According to former Radio Mambi host and Venezuela native, Lourdes Ubieta, the acquisition by the Latino Media Network is going to be a failure. Radio Mambi is a conservative station based in Miami.

One of the main backers of the deal was Lakestar Finance, which is an investment firm that is associated with one of the companies that George Soros established, known as Open Society Foundations.

According to corporate records, Lakestar Finance is based in New York. It is associated with the funds managed by George Soros.

The acquisition of the radio stations by Televisa Univision and the Latino Media Network affected eight FM and 10 AM stations in major media areas such as Los Angeles, Houston, Las Vegas, and San Antonio.

According to Dania Alexandrino, who used to be a host of Radio Mambi, the Democrats are masters of manipulation.

She claims that the Democrats are trying to silence and censor conservative voices within the Hispanic community. They allegedly treat them like victims and imply that they are the party of minorities.

Liberal activists and Democrats have been trying to change the political discourse in Spanish-language media.

In October 2020, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the House of Representatives, accused the Democrats of using Spanish-language media to carry out a massive disinformation campaign. She cited an NBC News report as saying that the issue was getting worse for Democrats in Florida.

Following the Capitol riot on January 6, a public relations firm released a report accusing Radio Mambi and other conservative media outlets of spreading false information.

The report claimed that the hosts and radio shows of Radio Mami and other conservative outlets spread false information about the presidential election and the legitimacy of the victory of Joe Biden. As the news about the Capitol riot started to spread, the hosts of the shows shifted their statements and claimed that they wanted an investigation.

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