Liberal Elementary School BANS White Children From Student Club

In Olympia, Washington, a school known as Centennial Elementary has started excluding white students from its lunchtime affinity group.

In an email sent to parents, school principal Shannon Ritter said that the school's 5th grade BIPOC students meet weekly at lunchtime.

In her email, the school's principal stated that the group doesn't include white students.

In addition, Ritter noted that the school is exploring the possibility of forming a student ally club. But she did not provide a clear statement regarding the group's composition or whether it would exclude white students.

Officials of the school confirmed that the email was authentic, according to conservative radio host Jason Rantz.

Mark Lamb, an attorney from Seattle, told the radio host that the group is illegal.

According to Lamb, the school is in violation of the First Amendment due to the age of the students participating in the club and the principal's email. He also noted that the decision to establish the group was not made by the students but by the school itself.

Parents have expressed their outrage over the racist nature of the group.

One parent told a local television station that the group was racist.

According to Jessica Juergens, her son, who is a 5th grade student at the school, learned about the group after it was established. He said that he was initially not allowed to join because he was white.

The students who are excluded from the lunchtime group are reportedly having a hard time understanding why they can't play with their friends.

She stated that she felt that it was promoting segregation in the school.

Although she's afraid for her safety, Jurgens still wants the school district to end the racist club.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on THE DAILY FETCHED.

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