Liberal Judge Wins WI Supreme Court: Our Rights at Risk

In a stunning turn of events, the liberal Milwaukee County Circuit Judge, Janet Protasiewicz, has emerged victorious over the conservative former Supreme Court Justice, Dan Kelly, in the race for a seat on Wisconsin’s highest judicial body. I mean, come on, did anyone really expect a different outcome? It’s like pitting a sloth against a cheetah and hoping for the sloth to win. But alas, here we are.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Protasiewicz was officially sworn in on Tuesday, solidifying her position on the Supreme Court. Brace yourselves, fellow conservatives, because this is about to have a significant impact on a range of issues. Get ready for the wave of liberal policies that will flood our great state and wash away any remnants of common sense and rational thinking.

Protasiewicz has the audacity to promise a “fair and impartial Supreme Court.” Excuse me while I chuckle for a moment. Fair and impartial? More like biased and agenda-driven. It’s no secret that she made abortion rights the centerpiece of her campaign, essentially declaring her allegiance to the abortion industry and thumbing her nose at the sanctity of life. It’s truly a sad day for Wisconsin.

But wait, there’s more! Not only is Protasiewicz all about expanding access to abortion, but she’s also joining forces with left-wing groups to challenge Wisconsin’s electoral districts. They’re claiming that our carefully drawn and time-honored maps are “gerrymandered” and preventing fair representation. Can you believe the nerve? It’s the same tired argument they trot out every time they don’t get their way. Maybe they should spend less time whining about election results and more time working on winning over voters.

Of course, the left is overjoyed by Protasiewicz’s ascendancy to the Supreme Court. They couldn’t contain their excitement, with Democratic Victor Shi tweeting his gratitude to the Wisconsin voters for electing Protasiewicz. Amazing news, he says. Well, Mr. Shi, pardon me if I don’t share in your glee. While you celebrate the erosion of conservative values and the inevitable push towards a far-left agenda, I’ll be over here mourning the loss of a fair and balanced judiciary.

So, buckle up, my conservative comrades. The liberal takeover of the Supreme Court is complete, and we’re in for a rough ride. It’s a sad day for Wisconsin, but we must stay vigilant and continue fighting for the values that make our state great. We can’t let the left run roughshod over our principles and ideals. Together, we will prevail and restore sanity to our beloved Badger State.

Written by Staff Reports

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