Liberal Media Finally Admits Biden’s Mental Decline—But It’s Too Little, Too Late

Look who’s finally catching up! The same liberal columnists and editorial pages that spent years in denial about President Biden’s cognitive fitness are now sheepishly sounding alarms. It’s almost like watching a political version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” but this time, the emperor is wandering around in circles and forgetting where the palace is.

The Democrats find themselves in a laughable predicament. They’re stuck with a nominee who’s visibly struggling to string together coherent sentences and a Vice President who’s managed to remain just as invisible and ineffective. Kamala Harris’s greatest accomplishment so far seems to be perfecting the art of awkward laughter during the most inappropriate moments.

It’s rich to see the left finally acknowledge what conservatives have been observing for ages. Biden’s slip-ups and gaffes aren’t just a quirk; they’re a glaring neon sign of his mental decline. The media’s sudden shift in tone is not the result of newfound journalistic integrity, but rather a desperate attempt to save face.

Harris isn’t exactly a beacon of confidence either. Her cringe-worthy public performances and lack of noteworthy achievements make her an even less appealing option. The Democrats are essentially trying to sell a broken bike with flat tires, and they’re hoping voters won’t notice the rust.

As 2024 looms, the Democrats’ best hope is looking more like their biggest liability. It’s either Biden stumbling through another term or Harris failing to inspire a country that’s already skeptical of her abilities. Either way, the comedy of errors from the left is providing endless entertainment for those who saw through the charade from the start.

Written by Staff Reports

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