Liberal Media Wages War on Speaker Johnson: Their Latest Witch Hunt Exposed!

The biased liberal media strikes again, this time targeting newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson with a damaging false story. The New Republic, a left-wing outlet known for its skewed reporting, published an article accusing Johnson of abandoning his duties to jet off to Paris amid a potential government shutdown. According to their false narrative, Johnson dismissed the House early to attend a far-right conference held by the Worldwide Freedom Initiative (WFI).

But hold on a minute, because Johnson’s spokesperson, Raj Shah, quickly debunked this fake news. Shah confirmed that the story is entirely inaccurate, putting to rest the baseless claims made by the New Republic. Realizing their mistake and being called out for it, the liberal publication was forced to issue a slight correction to its original statement. Now the updated version reads that Johnson has indeed sent representatives home early and was scheduled to deliver a keynote speech, but the New Republic could not confirm his appearance at the event. Way to fact-check, guys.

This isn’t the first time the Left has tried to demonize Johnson either. MSNBC, known for its biased reporting, took it upon themselves to warn viewers about the supposed dangers of having Johnson in charge of Capitol Hill. And New York Magazine jumped on the bandwagon, listing 21 reasons why they believe Johnson is terrible for America. It’s clear that the liberal media has an agenda to undermine conservatives like Johnson at every turn.

Not stopping there, liberal media outlets have even criticized Johnson for being a “God-fearing man,” suggesting that his devout Christian beliefs somehow threaten our democracy. This kind of attack on religious freedom and personal values is just another low blow from those who can’t stand anyone who doesn’t align with their far-left agenda. But Johnson won’t back down. He’ll continue to stand strong, fighting for conservative values and principles that are truly beneficial for our great nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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