Liberal Media’s Biden Cover-Up Exposed by Former NY Times Editor Abramson

Claiming ignorance about Joe Biden’s mental decline is laughable at best and a shameless act of denial at worst. It’s absurd to suggest liberal America was caught off guard by the president’s dismal performance against Donald Trump on June 27. They knew—of course, they knew. The press has been taking hits left and right for their less-than-aggressive approach to reporting on Biden’s health, fearing accusations of aiding Trump or losing their coveted access to the administration.

Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson acknowledges these concerns but dismisses them as irrelevant. She stated that the Biden White House managed a colossal cover-up of the President’s feebleness and physical decline, which might simply be due to his age. Shame on the White House press corps for failing to pierce the administration’s veil of secrecy.

The rigorous reporting we are just now seeing is not due to any newfound journalistic integrity but because they’ve been shamed into action. This is Washington, D.C.—secrets don’t stay hidden for long. NBC’s Chuck Todd mentioned on his podcast that a cabinet secretary had confided in him two years ago about the lack of interaction with Biden, expressing shock at the notion of him running for re-election. Of course, Todd sat on this bombshell until now. How convenient.

Amidst this revelation, the media looks more foolish by the day. Brian Stelter still has the audacity to claim the press was duped and conned. Really, Brian? NBC’s Chuck Todd himself stated there’s no evidence Biden can serve another four years. He even recounted a cabinet member admitting the administration had to drag out information about Biden’s neurological tests. The White House has no credibility left on this topic.

George Stephanopoulos from ABC News was caught saying a similar thing, and although he later apologized, it wasn’t necessary. Abramson’s mention of a cover-up isn’t shocking—it’s a confirmation. Reports of top aides wrapping Biden in a cocoon, making him virtually dependent, have been swirling around for ages. And now, we have cabinet officials admitting the president is practically AWOL.

We knew. Conservatives knew. So who is truly running the country? This cabinet secretary’s identity is the next mystery to solve. Todd dropping this revelation now feels like nothing more than a desperate attempt to salvage whatever’s left of the sinking ship that is Biden’s campaign. What a spectacle.

Written by Staff Reports

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