Liberal Reporter Baffled by Pro-Family Conference

A news report came out about a writer from the liberal media who seems confused by a conference that talked about the importance of having children. The writer called it the “far-right’s campaign to explode the population.” The conference was called NatalCon and was held in December 2023. According to the article, the writer, Gaby Del Valle, was sent by Politico to cover the conference.

The writer talked about how the conference aimed to encourage people to have more children and linked this idea to the far-right. She mentioned that some well-known figures like Elon Musk and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán support this movement. The article discussed how some attendees at the conference believe in raising birth rates and highlighted the importance of child-rearing in society.

The writer seemed surprised by the idea that people want to have children and pass down their values to the next generation. She also seemed to suggest that those promoting higher birth rates could have racist or regressive views. The article mentioned a speaker at the conference who rejected the idea of perpetuating a system that is against them and instead emphasized that life is beautiful and should continue.

The writer appeared to criticize the conference attendees for not focusing on utilitarian arguments for raising birth rates. The article also touched upon how the left views conservatives who want to have children as being motivated by racism or bigotry. It discussed the differences in values between those who prioritize family and those who prioritize other aspects of life.

Having children is a natural and important part of life. The article suggested that the left’s policies and economic conditions make it challenging for people to afford to raise families. It criticized the left for not recognizing the value of promoting a culture that prioritizes child-rearing. Conservatives believe that having children is a fundamental aspect of human existence, regardless of political beliefs.

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