Liberal Wolves Threaten Wisconsin’s Top Conservative Justice!

It seems that the new liberal majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court is wasting no time in trying to diminish the power of the court’s conservative chief justice. This blatant overreach by the so-called “rogue justices” has Chief Justice Annette Ziegler rightfully miffed.

The liberals wasted no time in making a series of changes to how the court functions, including reducing the powers of Chief Justice Ziegler, opening administrative meetings to the public, and even forming a committee to determine when justices should recuse themselves from cases. Clearly, they are determined to stack the deck in their favor.

Chief Justice Ziegler is not taking this assault lying down. She called out the “four rogue members of the court” for their secret and illegitimate closed meeting, which she rightly labeled as illegitimate and unenforceable. She is not backing down from defending her constitutional authority as the court’s administrator.

What is truly at stake here is the upcoming cases that the Wisconsin Supreme Court is set to hear. With issues such as redistricting, abortion, voting rules, school choice, and veto power on the docket, the liberal majority is desperate to ensure these cases are decided in their favor. They are using their new majority to stack the deck and tilt the scales of justice in their direction.

It is disheartening to see the law take a back seat in favor of political agendas. This power grab by the liberals on the Wisconsin Supreme Court is just another example of the left’s disregard for the rule of law. Chief Justice Ziegler and conservatives in Wisconsin must stand strong against this assault on the integrity of the court.

Written by Staff Reports

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