CNN Fuels 1/6 Hysteria: Invites Anti-Trump GOP for Outrageous 9/11 Comparisons

CNN Continues Its Hyperbolic Coverage of January 6th, Inviting Anti-Trump Republican to Add Fuel to the Fire

Ah, CNN, the channel that never misses an opportunity to exploit a tragic event for political gain. In their latest attempt to keep the narrative alive, they decided to invite anti-Trump Republican Adam Kinzinger to claim that January 6th was worse than the 9/11 terror attacks. Yes, you read that right, according to CNN and their illustrious guest, a bunch of rowdy protesters somehow surpassed the magnitude of one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in American history.

Now, those pesky fact-checkers might have pointed out that the comparisons to Fort Sumter 2.0 and modern-day Pearl Harbor are completely false. But who needs facts when you have CNN? They would rather rely on sensationalism and fear-mongering to keep their viewers glued to the screen.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that even some left-leaning media figures, like Matt Taibbi, have criticized the charges brought forth by Special Counsel Jack Smith. Taibbi likened them to a “deranged authoritarian fantasy” and suggested they read more like a “45-page Louise Mensch tweet than an indictment.” And this is coming from someone who is not a conservative or a Trump supporter.

But of course, CNN and their allies in the media conveniently ignore these criticisms. They’re too busy painting Smith’s indictment as ironclad to give their viewers a fair and balanced perspective. After all, why let the truth get in the way of a good anti-Trump narrative?

Let’s not forget that some of the charges in Smith’s indictment actually infringe on protected speech. Can you believe that? They’re trying to pin Trump based on what they think his thoughts might have been. It’s absolute madness! But hey, when it comes to taking down Trump, the anti-Trump Department of Justice couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a jury trial in the liberal bastion of Washington, DC.

It’s clear that CNN and their cohorts will stop at nothing to keep the January 6th narrative alive. They’ll bring on anyone who is willing to support their hyperbolic claims, even if it means inviting an anti-Trump Republican to add fuel to the fire. And so, the circus continues, and the American people are left to sift through the partisan propaganda in search of the truth.

Written by Staff Reports

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