Liberals Caught Spreading Fake Trump Slam on Lawyer

No, Donal Trump did not post about Alina Habba being inexperienced, despite what some liberals are trying to claim. This so-called “fact check” is just another example of the left-wing media trying to twist the truth to fit their narrative. Let’s set the record straight.

According to reports, Habba recently interrupted a federal judge during Trump’s defamation trial, and the judge even threatened to throw her in jail. Now that’s a lawyer you want on your side! But it seems that the liberal media is more focused on trying to smear Trump and his supporters than reporting the facts.

The photo being shared on social media, supposedly showing a Truth Social post from Trump criticizing Habba’s experience, is nothing more than a digitally fabricated hoax. You won’t find it on Trump’s official Truth Social page or his website. It’s just another desperate attempt to make Trump look bad.

I mean, come on! Does anyone really believe that Trump, a successful businessman and former President, would publicly criticize his own lawyer for lacking experience? That’s just absurd! But the liberal media will stop at nothing to try and undermine Trump and his supporters.

It’s clear that this whole story is nothing more than a baseless attack on Trump. There are no credible news reports confirming Trump made this statement, and even the fact-checkers themselves couldn’t find any evidence to support it. But that won’t stop the liberal media from spreading their lies and distortions.

In the end, the truth will always prevail. And the truth is, Donald Trump did not post about Alina Habba being inexperienced. It’s just another false narrative pushed by the left-wing media. It’s time to stop the lies and focus on the real issues that matter to the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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