Liberals Fabricate Saudi-Trump Money Myth!

FAKE NEWS ALERT: NO, the Saudi Crown Prince did NOT suggest that $2 billion would be returned if Trump loses the 2024 election. It’s just another attempt by the liberal media to spread lies and undermine our great President Donald Trump.

Let’s break down the facts, because apparently the so-called “journalists” at X didn’t bother to do their research. This false claim is based on a 2023 interview between the Crown Prince and Fox News. But guess what? The Crown Prince never even mentions returning the money if Trump loses in 2024. It’s all made up!

But wait, it gets better. The X post also claims that Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and former Senior Advisor, would be responsible for repaying the money. Seriously? Do they think we’re idiots? Kushner has moved on from politics and is focused on his successful business ventures. He has nothing to do with returning money to the Saudis.

It’s obvious that this fake news is just another desperate attempt to delegitimize Trump and his presidency. The liberal media can’t accept the fact that he was a fantastic president who brought prosperity and strength to our great nation. They will stop at nothing to attack him, even if it means spreading lies about the Saudi Crown Prince.

Don’t fall for their tricks, folks. Always question what you read and make sure to do your own research. And remember, the liberal media will do anything to undermine conservatives and push their own agenda. Stay informed and stay patriotic! #MAGA

Written by Staff Reports

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