Liberals Muzzle Steele for Exposing Scripted Biden Chat, Olbermann Rages

The liberal media loves to cry foul and blame racism and sexism every time a minority woman gets criticized. But as soon as that woman doesn’t toe the liberal line, all of a sudden the rules change. Just look at what happened to former ESPN anchor Sage Steele and former ESPN and MSNBC host (and certified loony tune) Keith Olbermann.

Steele revealed in a recent interview that her 2021 sit-down with President Joe Biden was completely scripted and controlled by ESPN’s top brass. She was instructed to stick to the script and not deviate, with every question and response meticulously planned out. But when she shared this bombshell, Olbermann went berserk, hurling insults and attacking her intelligence.

Olbermann’s meltdown is just another example of the Left’s toxic double standards. They preach inclusivity and diversity, but heaven help anyone who dares to question their narrative. Steele had the nerve to speak the truth about Biden, and Olbermann couldn’t handle it, so he lashed out like a petulant child.

Fortunately, Steele didn’t let Olbermann’s tantrum get to her. She stood her ground, exposing him as the poster child for liberal hypocrisy. Olbermann’s antics only serve to show the world that he’s nothing more than a joke, and no one should take him seriously.

Written by Staff Reports

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