LOL: Adam Schiff Turns To TikTok To Beg For Donations

Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, used a fundraising pitch on TikTok, a Chinese-owned app, after he was removed from the House Intelligence committee.

In a video, Congressman Adam Schiff criticized House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy for removing him from the House Intelligence Committee. He said that he did his job by holding Donald Trump accountable.

When Democrats took over the House in 2019, Schiff was named as the chairman of the Intelligence Committee. But, after winning the speakership and becoming the majority leader, McCarthy removed him and fellow California Democrat Eric Swalwell from the committee.

In a statement, McCarthy said that the misuse of the committee had severely undermined its oversight and national security functions.

The TikTok app is owned by ByteDance, a tech firm based in China. The company’s ties to the Communist Party of China are currently under the scrutiny of the US Treasury Department's CFIUS.

Due to concerns about national security, Congress banned the use of TikTok on government devices. The federal legislation was the follow-up to a wave of similar measures in other states.

In September 2022, it was reported that the Biden administration and TikTok had reached an agreement regarding the company's operations in the US.

However, the negotiations have reportedly been delayed due to national security concerns. According to the Wall Street Journal, the issues with TikTok's recommendation algorithm and trustworthiness have delayed the talks.

During a hearing in November 2022, Christopher Wray, the FBI's director, said that the agency was worried about TikTok's operations in the US. According to Reuters, the company has built a subsidiary in the country that stores user data with the approval of Oracle Corp. and a group of national security experts.

Despite the proposed regulations, experts believe that China would still be able to access the user data of TikTok users in the US. According to reports from both Forbes and Buzzfeed, employees of ByteDance have been able to access the data of users without their permission.

As the debate over the issue of TikTok continues, it's important to note that the platform has gained the left's support. According to Jake Denton, a tech analyst, politicians such as Adam Schiff rely on the platform for their campaigns.

On Thursday, Schiff announced that he would be running for the Senate seat held by California's Democratic Senator, Diane Feinstein. Although she has already filed for reelection, she has not yet started a campaign for another term.

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