LOL: DHS Sec. Mayorkas Says The Border Is CLOSED

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently made an appearance in the White House briefing room on Thursday to address the complete collapse of security on the US-Mexico border. Unfortunately, it was nothing but a pack of lies and political pandering to appease his liberal bosses.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of an ongoing border crisis, Mayorkas claimed the border was closed. This is nothing but a bald-faced lie, intended to mislead the American people. The Biden Administration’s reckless policies have triggered a massive surge of illegal immigrants flooding into the country, putting US citizens at grave risk.

Mayorkas had the audacity to call illegal immigrants arriving outside of Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence a “tragedy.” However, the reality is millions of illegal immigrants are arriving in American communities all across the country, causing unprecedented damage and chaos.

Instead of taking responsibility, Mayorkas is busy declaring the Biden administration’s handling of Title 42 a “success,” even though the situation is spiraling out of control. Their flawed immigration policies have only fueled the fire, and it’s left to hardworking Americans to bear the burden.

To deflect attention from his failure, Mayorkas shifted blame to Congress, insinuating Republicans were at fault for introducing a number of bills to stop asylum fraud and tackle the crisis. This is nothing but a ploy to keep the issue stuck in political gridlock.

In a rare moment of truth, Mayorkas admitted his past comments on “whipping” were out of context. However, he failed to provide full context or even offer an apology for pushing the “whipping” smear. It’s just another example of the Biden Administration’s blatant disregard for the truth.

In conclusion, Mayorkas’ appearance in the briefing room is just another example of the Biden Administration’s incompetency and lack of leadership. Their failure to secure the border has created chaos and threatens the safety of millions of Americans. It’s time for the Biden Administration to fix the disaster they created and take meaningful action to protect our nation’s borders and citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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