LOL: Watch Biden’s Chief Of Staff Make This ABSURD Claim With A Straight Face

The Chief of Staff of Joe Biden went on television and lied to the country. Now, we are working to restore the faith of the American people in real news reporting.

The Biden administration has been financially irresponsible. Over a trillion dollars have been wasted on initiatives started by Biden, such as his young interns.

According to Ron Klain, the chief of staff of the president, the Biden administration is very careful when it comes to spending taxpayer money.

During a Wall Street Journal CEO Council Summit, Klain stated that the Biden administration values fiscal responsibility.

Let’s Watch.

A prominent businessman from the world made a statement about the Biden economy.

According to Bezos, Americans should avoid taking risks in the event that the country enters a recession in 2023.

In an interview with CNN Business, Bezos advised consumers not to purchase expensive items, such as cars and televisions.


The Biden administration is in deep trouble because they refuse to acknowledge the issues that the country is facing. They are not admitting that there is a fuel crisis and are only making moves to drain the country's strategic petroleum reserves. Their actions have only added to the problem.

It is very sad that prominent businessmen and CEOs are speaking out against the Biden administration. The country is in the midst of a massive recession, and it is all due to Joe Biden's mismanagement. If it wasn't for Joe Biden, Donald Trump would be in office right now.

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