The Ex-Navy SEAL Is Going Back to His Male Identity

A former US Navy SEAL who transitioned to becoming a woman ten years ago has officially renounced his gender identity and will begin living as a biological male.

In 2013, Chris Beck, who was previously known as Kristin Beck, came out as transgender. He had been a member of SEAL Team Six for over 20 years, and he had received numerous awards and decorations for his service. During an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Beck said that he had always felt like a woman.

He said that he had always felt like a woman, but he had started to suppress his feelings as he bottled them up. He said that he would sometimes put them back in a couple of layers to hide their true nature.

Over the course of ten years, Beck has renounced his words. He claims that CNN used his statements for propaganda purposes, and he called on Americans to wake up to the growing threat of radicalization regarding children.

In an interview with conservative influencer Rob Starbuck, Beck said that everything that he has seen on CNN is untrue. He claimed that everything that he has experienced over the past ten years has destroyed his life. He also stated that he had help.

He also stated that he took full responsibility for what he said on CNN. He claims that everything that he said on the network was untrue.

During his interview with Cooper, Beck said that he was very naive at the time of the interview. He also claimed that he had been exploited.

He also claimed that he was exploited by people who had very deep knowledge about what was happening in the world.

He also claimed that children are being targeted for undergoing chemical castration procedures.

He claimed that there were thousands of such facilities in the US, and they were operating under the guise of providing “gender transformation.” He said that after kids had come in, they would typically be told that they were transgender, and then they would be given hormones. He went on to say that these procedures were similar to those that pedophiles were using.

Beck began referring to himself as a woman after he transitioned from being a soldier to being a transgender individual. He began receiving hormone treatment from Veterans Affairs after a psychologist wrote a letter to him.

He claims that it took him around an hour to receive the hormones at Veterans Affairs.

According to Beck, the industry is worth a billion dollars. There are thousands of facilities that provide various services related to transgender individuals, such as surgeries and hormone therapy. Each of these facilities is expected to be earning around $50 million.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Breitbart.

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