Elon Just Lit Twitter on FIRE with Epic Takedown of Fauci…

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, said on Sunday that Dr. Anthony Fauci should be brought to justice for his alleged crimes. He also referred to people who use the terms "gender pronouns" in a humorous manner.

Musk lit Twitter on fire when he jokingly posted that his pronouns are "prosecute" and "Fauci".

He also posted a photo of a photo of himself with a caption that read: "Just one more lockdown my king."

In response to critics, Musk said that he thought Dr. Fauci, who was the lead scientist on the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, should be prosecuted.

He referred to Fauci's actions as "not awesome" and said that he lied to Congress and had funded research that led to the deaths of "millions of people".

Fauci, who is 81 years old, said that he would be stepping down from his position as the head of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and from his position as a Biden administration official at the end of this year.

As the nation's top infectious disease expert, Fauci has been advising every president since Ronald Regan. He told Congress that the NIH has funded research on the virus that causes bat coronaviruses, but it has not genetically engineered it to be more transmissible to humans.

In response to the allegations against him, Fauci said last month that he would "cooperate with" any investigation that the Congressional Committee might conduct regarding his handling of the pandemic.

Since he acquired Twitter, Musk has been focused on bringing back free speech on the platform. He also urged people to vote for Republican candidates in the November elections to ensure that the country's Congress would be controlled by the right party.

The "Twitter Files," which were released by Musk, revealed an inside look at how the company suppressed the messages of right-wing users who were under the influence of former owner Jack Dorsey. They also banned an article about Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, for its controversial content.

Until last month, Twitter had also been continuously policing the spread of conspiracy theories and misinformation about the coronavirus and the pandemic.

Some people shared a March 2020 tweet from Musk, where he predicted that the coronavirus would be eradicated in the US in about a month. He also referred to the panic surrounding the pandemic in the same month.

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